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The 5 Best Horror Movies of 2023 (so far)

2023 has been a great year for horror, with some great new entries and some fantastic sequels to old greats. There’s still a lot of great movies to come, but these are the five best horror movies of the year (so far).

5. The Five Devils (Les Cinq Diables)

The Five Devils is an interesting French movie, which doesn’t fall under the traditional label of horror. It follows a child called Vicky, who possesses a unique ability to time travel using the scents. Using this power, she explores the history of her parents and discovers secrets that she should’ve left buried. This is a slow-burn, drama which isn’t for everyone – but is a very unique movie with some very complex character relationships at the core.

There’s currently nowhere to stream The Five Devils in the UK, but keep an eye out.

4. Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool holds a rough place in my heart, as it’s arguably the most disappointed I’ve been with a movie this year. The concept at the heart of this movie is terrifying and Mia Goth puts in an exceptional performance, but it did feel like it left a lot of potential behind. That said, it’s telling of how high that potential was – that it still manages to one of the best horrors of the year, without it.

Infinity Pool is from the twisted mind of Brandon Cronenberg. It takes us to a resort full of rich people, in a fictional country. A newfound justice policy, involving the punishment of clones, leads to morals being thrown out of the window. Chaos ensues.

Infinity Pool isn’t yet available for streaming in the UK.

3. Unwelcome

Unwelcome is a strange movie, following an English couple moving to the Irish countryside in preparation for the birth of their child. However, they soon discover some unwelcome guests living in their garden. This movie takes a long time to get going, with a middling comedy-drama involving some troublesome builders taking up most of the runtime. That said, once this movie gets going, it keeps going. The last half hour of this movie is a camp masterpiece.

Unwelcome is available to rent or purchase in most digital stores.

Read our full review of “Unwelcome” here.

2. Scream VI

Scream has always been a franchise with ups and downs, but Scream VI is definitely a strong entry in the series. Taking Ghostface to the streets of New York, it gives us one of the most brutal Scream movies yet. Sam and Tara are joined by returning Gale Weathers and Kirby Reed in this brutal sixth entry. It hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, but it seems inevitable that we’re due a closer to this epic trilogy.

Scream VI will be available on digital in the UK as of May 9th. It’s currently available to pre-order on Prime Video.

Honourable Mentions

I haven’t yet seen “Beau Is Afraid” or “Sick” – two horrors(ish) that I’m excited to see, that haven’t yet premiered in the UK. There’s a chance this list may change after seeing those.

“Cocaine Bear” is a movie with horror elements, but it’s not on this list since it’s more of a comedy. The film tells a untrue story about a bear that finds cocaine and goes on a murderous rampage. You can buy it on Prime Video and Apple TV.

“Pearl” was released in the UK this year, but it’s widely considered a 2022 movie, so it’s not on this list. It’s a technicolor prequel to X and isn’t yet available on streaming, but I highly recommend it.

1. Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise had to be number one. The most brutal, gory movie of the year so far – it’s the type of movie that makes you feel like you need a shower. Excellent horror set-pieces, coated in the silliness that the franchise is known for, it’s the fifth-straight banger in the Evil Dead franchise.

Evil Dead Rise is currently available in cinemas.

You can read our full review for Evil Dead Rise here and check-out how it matches up to other entries in the Evil Dead franchise.

This was a list of the best 2023 horror movies, so far. Do you agree with this list or did it leave you horrified? Let us know in the comments below.

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