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Infiesto (2023) Review

This is my review for the 2023 movie “Infiesto”. Infiesto is a Spanish thriller, set in the early days of COVID-19 reaching Spain. It’s a tight 96 minutes long and plays out like your classic detective procedural.

What is Infiesto about?

As the coronavirus hits Spain, detectives Garcia and Castro are called to investigate a harrowing case. A young girl has been found, having escaped a kidnapping. Her kidnapper, or kidnappers, are still at large. What follows is something of a cat and mouse – as the detective leads chase targets, only to keep on discovering that the crime is a lot deeper than initially thought.

Why is Infiesto set during the pandemic?

Both detectives are also fighting with family issues, caused by the pandemic. Garcia’s mother is critically ill and Castro’s boyfriend is heading that way. The pandemic back-drop adds to the paranoia and hopelessness of the world. That’s what the movie is about – hopelessness. On many occasions, characters remark about how the world is ending. Or, how it may have already.

It will be interesting to see if we get more pandemic films, as the years go by. It does provide an interesting setting, though does present some difficulties. You can’t help but think at points during this movie: “shouldn’t she be wearing a mask?”. Though, obviously, an actor wearing a mask isn’t ideal.

My review of Infiesto

The third act of this movie is pretty silly. There’s a twist that anyone (and I mean, anyone) who has seen a detective drama before will see coming. So much of the conclusion is based on coincidences and characters, who have previously been shown as clever, acting very stupidly. It is objectively a bad final third. So, why did I enjoy it so much? This movie knows what it is – it’s a 90 minute thrill ride, that you shouldn’t think too deeply about.

The fact that this movie is in Spanish may prove to be a barrier of entry for some casual viewers. However, in a rare feat for Netflix, the dubbing on this movie was actually pretty good and wasn’t too noticeable. For the most part (with some humorous exceptions), the dubbing lined up with the original dialogue too.

I watched this alongside Netflix’s True Spirit and found both to be guilty delights. Netflix have firmly settled into the niche of creating movies which are fun to watch, though are ultimately a bit silly. Martin Scorsese, who worked with Netflix for “The Irishman”, would not be impressed. I am, though, I love this energy.

Will there be an Infiesto 2?

While it’s certainly possible that there could be a sequel to this movie, it’s unlikely. If this movie performs well, Netflix may invest more into foreign language crime films – however, they would likely stay away from this particular story. So much of this film is reliant on the COVID-19 setting and on the dynamic between some characters. Given the film’s ending, it’s unlikely that we’ll see this continue.

This was my review for the 2023 movie “Infiesto”. Did you enjoy this movie? Let me know in the comments below!

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