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Is Gwen trans in Across The Spider-Verse (2023)?

“Is Gwen Stacy trans in the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse movie?”. It’s the question that’s been on the internet’s mind today and while easy to dismiss, there’s a surprising amount of evidence.

Gwen’s arc in Across the Spider-Verse (and how it relates to trans stories)

Gwen’s story in Across the Spider-Verse hinges around her relationship with her father. After she finds herself forced to reveal her secret identity as Spider-Woman to him, she finds herself rejected and with nowhere to go. She feels abandoned and finds a home in Miguel’s secret Spider-Man society. Throughout the movie, we see how scared she is of going home – for fear of having to see her father again. Unfortunately, she finds herself back in her own universe and coming face to face with her dad once more. Only this time, he’s realised how much it hurt to miss her and he’s willing to be more accepting of her true identity.

If you have any familiarity with queer stories, that should sound quite familiar to you. It’s very easy to interpret Gwen revealing her identity to her father as “coming out”. Unfortunately, it’s a coming out that goes badly wrong and Gwen finds herself rejected and homeless. Sadly, not being accepted by family members is a common experience for queer people. Gwen runs away, unable to face the problems back home. When she does return, she has a heartfelt identity about what her identity means to her and her father opens up.

There’s the outline of a queer story there, but it’s far from evidence that Gwen is trans. Unfortunately for the haters, there’s a lot more concrete evidence within the movie.

Gwen and her father are very supportive of trans people

There are two obvious trans pride flags within the movie. The first featured in an early trailer for the movie, with a sign in Gwen’s room reading “Protect Trans Kids”. It’s easy to write that off as Gwen being a passionate ally. As Spider-Woman, it’s clear that she has a lot of love and cares for people who can’t protect themselves. Of course, she would want to protect some of the most vulnerable children in society. That doesn’t mean that she’s trans herself.

However, there is another trans flag present within the Stacy household. George Stacy, Gwen’s father, is a police officer and has a small trans flag on his uniform. A young, bleeding heart liberal having a trans flag on their wall? Easily dismissed. A police officer having a trans flag on their uniform? They almost certainly have some personal connection to transgender issues. While there are certainly some alternative hypotheses for why George is such a passionate ally – combined with Gwen’s arc, it feels like the most satisfying conclusion.

The colour palette

We do need to talk about the colour palette of Gwen’s universe. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it’s very familiar. With a predominantly pink, blue and white colour-scheme, it’s all very reminiscent of a certain pride flag. The transgender flag is made up of pastel blue, pastel pink and white stripes. Those are the same colours that we see wash over Gwen, when she is accepted by her father. These are the same colours that are associated with her suit, so it’s easy to dismiss this as a coincidence. Combined with the other evidence, though? It’s starting to seem quite likely that Gwen Stacy is a trans icon.

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While it’s unlikely that we’ll get any sort of confirmation towards this theory in the trilogy’s closer, fans will definitely be on the look-out for further evidence to prove or disprove the idea that Gwen is trans. What do you think? Is there any evidence that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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