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Love Again (2023) Review

This is a review for the 2023 movie “Love Again”. This 2020-filmed rom-com is the cinematic debut of Celine Dion, but is anything but a biopic.

What is Love Again about?

Love Again is a romantic comedy centred around leads Mira (Priyanka Chopra) and Rob (Sam Heughan). Mira is grieving for her dead boyfriend. Sam is recovering from a break-up and at the behest of his boss, is producing a profile on Celine Dion to help him re-find his heart. However, it turns out that his new work phone has the same number as Mira’s dead boyfriend. When Mira starts sending texts to help her cope with her grief, Sam falls in love with her poetic views on love.

With the help of Celine Dion and his co-workers, including a bizarre American performance from Russell Tovey, he plans to meet Mira in-person and have her fall in love with him. It’s the type of extremely creepy rom-com that we all thought had died off in the 2000s.

The movie features multiple Celine Dion tracks, including five new songs made for the movie.

Love Again (2023) Review

It’s all, quite frankly, a bit bizarre. I’ve found myself cackling at Letterboxd reviews that compare this to a Christianity propaganda film, but with Celine Dion instead of God. That feels like a very accurate depiction, as the movie’s depiction of her is almost creepy. I found it shocking that she was a producer on this – as I couldn’t believe that she had signed off on this portrayal of herself. The character she plays comes across as incredibly arrogant and unlikable, and not in a funny way.

The two leads share no real chemistry and the romance isn’t exactly thought-provoking. It drops a classic “liar revealed” trope – with Sam’s phone number eventually being discovered. There’s some drama about this, but Mira pretty much forgives him immediately (partly due to Celine’s words). It all feels incredibly unrealistic and as a result, it makes it very difficult to care about. Speaking of chemistry, it turns out that the leads never actually filmed with Celine Dion. That goes some ways to explaining the awkwardness in those scenes.

There are some funny moments, though the movie is definitely aiming more for “rom” than “com”. That said, the movie feels strongest when it leans into the silliness. If they had committed more to comedy and made Celine Dion sillier, this movie could’ve been an instant camp classic.

Who should see this movie?

I think you can tell already if this movie is for you. If you love Celine Dion and a few good needle-drops are enough for you to enjoy this, go for it! Equally, if you have zero standards when it comes to rom-coms; here’s another one for your library. However, in a year of underwhelming romantic comedies – this has to be one of the weakest so far. It’s not quite as offensive as “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”, but I’d definitely take Netflix’s “Your Place or Mine?” or “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” over this, and that’s saying something.

This was a review for the 2023 movie “Love Again”. Was this film one of Dion’s greatest hits, or are you hoping that she spends some time all by herself after this?

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