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6 movies similar to The Mother (2023)

If you’re a fan of the gripping action-thriller “The Mother” (2023), filled with intense moments, strong female leads, and a focus on parental instincts, here are six recommended movies that capture similar elements. Get ready for adrenaline-pumping stories and formidable protagonists who won’t back down.

1. Salt (2010)

If you loved “The Mother,” you’ll be thrilled by “Salt” (2010). Angelina Jolie stars as CIA agent Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a Russian spy. She fights to protect her loved ones and prove her innocence. Directed by Phillip Noyce, “Salt” shares the theme of a skilled woman pursued by powerful adversaries, just like in “The Mother.” Evelyn goes to great lengths to safeguard her family, leading to an intense and action-packed storyline.

Salt is available to stream on NOW TV, in the UK.

2. La Femme Nikita (1990)

Directed by Luc Besson, “La Femme Nikita” is a 1990 film that presents a captivating story with a strong female lead, sharing similarities with “The Mother” (2023). The movie follows Nikita, a troubled young criminal who undergoes a transformation into a highly trained assassin under a covert government agency. Caught between her longing for freedom and the perilous world she finds herself in, Nikita must employ her skills to ensure her survival and protect herself from merciless adversaries. With its exploration of resilience and determination, “La Femme Nikita” offers fans of “The Mother” a compelling cinematic experience.

La Femme Nikita is available for purchase on digital.

3. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Directed by Renny Harlin and starring Geena Davis, “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996) showcases a mother’s hidden past resurfacing as she uncovers her forgotten life as an assassin. Samantha Caine, suffering from amnesia, confronts her lethal skills to safeguard her daughter from those who aim to silence them. Just like in “The Mother,” the film delves into the theme of a mother’s unwavering determination to shield her child from imminent danger, resulting in the unleashing of her deadly abilities. Both movies explore the fierce protective instincts and empowerment of mothers in the face of adversity.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is currently not available on digital.

4. The Brave One (2007)

Neil Jordan’s “The Brave One” (2007), starring Jodie Foster as Erica Bain, a radio host seeking revenge, presents a compelling story akin to “The Mother.” After her fiancé is killed in a brutal attack, Erica becomes a relentless force, taking matters into her own hands to bring justice to those who harmed her loved ones. Similar to the themes in “The Mother,” the film explores the transformation of a woman propelled by her desire to confront those responsible for her pain. Through Jodie Foster’s powerful performance, “The Brave One” delivers a gripping narrative of empowerment and retribution.

The Brave One is currently available to rent on most digital platforms.

5. Colombiana (2011)

Directed by Olivier Megaton and starring Zoe Saldana, “Colombiana” (2011) follows Cataleya Restrepo, who witnesses her parents’ murder and transforms into a skilled assassin on a mission to avenge their deaths. This film, similar to “The Mother,” showcases a strong female lead utilizing her lethal abilities against those who have wronged her. Both movies explore themes of revenge and highlight the determination of a strong woman seeking justice.

Colombiana is available to rent on most digital platforms.

6. Peppermint (2018)

“Peppermint” (2018) is directed by Pierre Morel and stars Jennifer Garner. After witnessing her family’s murder, Riley North becomes a determined vigilante. She seeks revenge against the criminals responsible for her personal loss, using her newfound lethal abilities. The film showcases a strong mother figure who transforms into a relentless force. This is similar to the protagonist of “The Mother”. North delivers her own brand of justice to protect her loved ones. “Peppermint” provides fans of “The Mother” with another thrilling story of empowerment and a mother’s unwavering determination to seek justice.

Peppermint is available to rent on most digital platforms.

If you’re craving female-led revenge thrillers, these movies should have you sorted. Why not check out our full review for “The Mother” (2023)?

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