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Movies similar to Totally Killer (2023)

This is a list of movies similar to the 2023 Amazon Prime original “Totally Killer”.

“Totally Killer” is a 2023 American black comedy slasher film directed by Nahnatchka Khan. The screenplay was written by David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, and Jen D’Angelo1. The film stars Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, and Julie Bowen.

The plot revolves around Jamie (played by Shipka), who travels back in time to 1987 after her mother’s friends are murdered by the Sweet 16 Killer on Halloween. In the small town of Vernon, three teenage girls named Tiffany Clark, Marisa Song, and Heather Hernandez were killed by the Sweet 16 Killer, each having been stabbed 16 times on the nights of their 16th birthdays. Jamie pairs up with her mother to stop the young would-be-killer and return to her timeline before she is trapped in the past forever.

1. Happy Death Day

Genre: Horror, Comedy
Release: 2017
Cast: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Rachel Matthews, Phi Vu, Ruby Modine.

“Happy Death Day” (2017) is a unique fusion of horror, comedy, and mystery directed by Christopher Landon. The film catapults audiences into the disorienting life of Tree Gelbman, a college student who finds herself reliving the same day over and over again—her birthday. Unfortunately for Tree, this day always ends in her murder by an assailant wearing a baby mask. The only way out of this time loop is to identify her killer and survive the day. With each cycle, Tree gains a deeper understanding of the people around her and the clues leading to her murderer, while navigating an increasingly dire series of events.

2. Fear Street

Genre: Horror
Release: 2021
Cast: Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, Kiana Madeira, Olivia Scott Welch, Julia Rehwald, Maya Hawke.

The “Fear Street” trilogy, based on R.L. Stine’s popular book series, is a captivating blend of horror, drama, and mystery, each film taking place in a different time period but connected by an overarching narrative. Directed by Leigh Janiak, the trilogy kicks off with “Fear Street Part 1: 1994,” continues with “Fear Street Part 2: 1978,” and concludes with “Fear Street Part 3: 1666.” While each installment boasts its own unique flavor and set of characters, they are unified in their quest to explore the dark history of Shadyside, a town plagued by a series of gruesome murders that reoccur every few decades.

3. Scream

Genre: Horror, Comedy
Release: 1996
Cast: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan, Jamie Kennedy.

“Scream” (1996) is a groundbreaking horror film directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson that revitalized the slasher genre while ingeniously critiquing it. The film is set in the fictional small town of Woodsboro, where a masked killer known as Ghostface begins a terrifying murder spree. High school student Sidney Prescott finds herself at the center of the chaos as both a target and a reluctant detective trying to uncover the identity of the killer. The twist: The killer is among her close circle of friends and family, turning everyone into a suspect.

4. Warm Bodies

Genre: Horror, Romance, Comedy
Release: 2013
Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Dave Franco, Lio Tipton.

“Warm Bodies” (2013) is a romantic zombie comedy, often dubbed a “zom-rom-com,” directed by Jonathan Levine and based on a novel of the same name by Isaac Marion. The film offers a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse genre by flipping the script and giving us a zombie as the protagonist. Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, “Warm Bodies” centers on R, a zombie who is different from the rest. After eating the brains of a young man, he inherits his memories and feelings, including love for Julie, a human girl. As R and Julie form an unlikely bond, they set off a chain of events that could transform the entire lifeless world.

5. Freaky

Genre: Horror, Comedy
Release: 2020
Cast: Kathryn Newton, Vince Vaughn, Uriah Shelton, Melissa Collazo.

“Freaky” (2020) is a horror-comedy directed by Christopher Landon, who also gave us the “Happy Death Day” series. The film takes the classic body-swap formula and injects it with a healthy dose of horror and humor, offering a fresh spin on both genres. Set in the town of Blissfield, the story revolves around a high school student, Millie Kessler, and a middle-aged serial killer known as the Blissfield Butcher. When a mystical event causes them to switch bodies, Millie (now in the Butcher’s body) has just 24 hours to reverse the swap before it becomes permanent, while also trying to convince her friends of her true identity.

6. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

Genre: Horror, Comedy
Release: 2022
Cast: Rachel Sennott, Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson, Lee Pace.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” (2022) is a black comedy thriller that unfolds over the course of a sinister party game, challenging the friendships and loyalties of a group of wealthy, self-obsessed twenty-somethings. The film, directed by Halina Reijn, stars notable actors like Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, and Pete Davidson, who find themselves in a remote family mansion planning a hurricane party. However, as a party game commences, things take a dark and deadly turn, offering a fresh, comedic, yet eerie outlook on the unfolding chaos.

7. Goosebumps

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Family
Release: 2015
Cast: Jack Black, Odeya Rush, Dylan Minnette, Ryan Lee, Amy Ryan.

“Goosebumps” (2015) is a family-friendly adventure comedy with elements of horror, directed by Rob Letterman. The film serves as a nostalgic tribute to the popular “Goosebumps” children’s book series by R.L. Stine, bringing to life many of the author’s most memorable monsters. The story unfolds in the small town of Madison, Delaware, where teenager Zach Cooper moves in next door to the enigmatic Mr. Shivers, who is actually R.L. Stine in disguise. When Zach accidentally releases the monsters from Stine’s manuscripts, he teams up with Stine, his daughter Hannah, and his friend Champ to recapture them and save the town.

8. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Genre: Horror, Comedy
Release: 2015
Cast: Sarah Dumont, Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan, Halston Sage.

“Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” (2015) is a horror-comedy directed by Christopher Landon, blending traditional elements of a zombie apocalypse with the comedic antics of three hapless Boy Scouts. The story unfolds in a suburban town where a group of teenagers, Ben, Carter, and Augie, discover that their seemingly boring scout activities are about to take a wild turn. As they find themselves in the midst of a zombie outbreak, their scouting skills are put to the ultimate test.

9. Anna and the Apocalypse

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Musical, Christmas
Release: 2017
Cast: Ella Hunt, Sarah Swire, Ben Wiggins, Malcolm Cumming.

“Anna and the Apocalypse” (2017) is a genre-bending film directed by John McPhail, combining elements of horror, comedy, and even musicals to create a unique cinematic experience. Set in the small British town of Little Haven during Christmastime, the story centers on Anna, a high school senior, and her friends who find themselves caught in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. As if teenage angst and holiday stress weren’t enough, Anna and her crew must sing and slash their way through hordes of undead to reach their loved ones.

10. The Babysitter

Genre: Horror, Comedy
Release: 2017
Cast: Emily Alyn Lind, Bella Thorne, Samara Weaving, Jenna Ortega, Judah Lewis, King Bach.

“The Babysitter” (2017) is a horror-comedy directed by McG that takes the traditional babysitter-in-peril trope and flips it on its head. The film revolves around 12-year-old Cole, who secretly has a crush on his babysitter Bee. Bee is charismatic, fun, and seemingly perfect, but Cole soon discovers that she has a very dark secret. What initially appears to be an innocent babysitting job quickly turns into a night of satanic rituals, gore, and survival.

These were ten movies similar to Amazon Prime’s “Totally Killer”. If you enjoyed the time-travelling slasher, you’re bound to love some of the movies above.

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