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One More Time (2023) Review

This is a review for the 2023 movie “One More Time”. This Swedish Netflix movie joins the club of time loop movies, but with a different approach. My expectations were low, but I ended up having one of my best streaming experiences of the year, so far.

What is One More Time (2023) about?

One More Time is a time loop movie, centred around Amelia. Amelia is celebrating her 40th birthday, but it’s anything but a celebration. She finds herself longing for an earlier period in her life, specifically her 18th birthday. A car accident leads to her waking up in her old bedroom, reliving the events of her coming of age. Only, the day keeps repeating itself. With every loop, she finds herself becoming less of the egotistical brat that she was throughout high school. As she grows closer with characters, and further from others, she starts to uncover secrets that changes the way she sees her past… and her future.

As a time loop movie, it offers little new plot-wise. However, the relationships and costume design in this movie (it’s set in 2002) allow it to stand-out somewhat.

One More Time (2023) Review

This is a guilty pleasure movie. I had a really good time watching it, despite the fact that it’s quite regurgitative of similar films. Everything about this movie’s plot is predictable from the get-go, including the “twist” towards the end of the movie. However, while the destination may be obvious; this movie does a good job at keeping us entertained on the ride over.

The world that the time loop takes place in is very over the top. Kids are ridiculously mean, relationships can go from intense love to breaking-up over a single misalignment. Tests can be aced with an hour of dedicated preparation. This does invite the question of whether it all takes place inside Amelia’s head, which would make sense. However, that doesn’t matter too much – the point is that it leads to a very fun world for us to romp through.

I’ve previously mentioned the costume design on this movie, which is very entertaining. Amelia wears a new outfit each loop and each one captures the 2002 aesthetic of the film perfectly. This small element does such a good job at setting the vibes for the film. If this failed, the movie goes from “camp masterpiece” to “cringe-fest” immediately.

One More Time is Groundhog Day with lesbians

This story is, ultimately, centred around a queer relationship. Or, at least, the seemingly universal feeling of pining after a (likely) straight friend. I am a complete sucker for these movies, so this movie was playing on easy mode. However, I do think it handles things very well. Amelia is an interesting character, who is very flawed, but we can tell means well. It’s easy to see how somebody could fall for her, and even easier to see how a relationship would never work.

The movie ends on an ambiguous, but optimistic, note as Amelia accepts her life and makes amends with those that she loves. It’s a positive and heartfelt message, that feels earned.

A poor year for Netflix

Netflix, so far, hasn’t impressed me this year. Between movies like Your Place or Mine and A Tourist’s Guide to Love – their movies have fell a little flat. So far, it’s really been their family films (such as True Spirit or We Have a Ghost) that have provided entertainment. I am, increasingly, of the opinion that Netflix’s time is best spent in these foreign markets, distributing films in other languages. This is the type of film that I want to see on the small screen, rather than another cinema reject.

Who should watch this movie?

This movie is not high art. However, if you’re looking for something enjoyable and can get past the fact it’s in Swedish, I’d highly recommend this movie. Netflix have a weird relationship with sapphic media, with it very rarely succeeding on their platform. It would be good to see this movie shown some love, because it is a very enjoyable and well-crafted experience. If you can’t get enough of time loop movies (I love them), then this is a good entry in the cinematic universe. It’s no Groundhog Day, it’s not even a Happy Death Day, but it’s fun.

If you can’t get past the subtitles / subpar dubbing, then this might not be right for you. Equally, if you’re bored of time loop movies – I’d suggest giving this one a pass.

This was a review for the 2023 movie “One More Time”. Did you want to relive this movie after seeing it or did you loathe it? Let us know in the comments below.

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