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The Mother (2023) Review

This is a review for the 2023 movie “The Mother”. Jennifer Lopez stars in this Netflix thriller, about a mother re-entering her daughter’s life – to save her from a crime syndicate.

What is The Mother about?

“The Mother” puts us in the shoes of an un-named mother figure, played by Jennifer Lopez. Lopez is pregnant and is looking for an exit route from the criminal underworld that she is part of. However, it becomes clear that her child won’t be safe around her. The FBI offer to protect the child and Lopez reluctantly agrees. The plan works for 11 years, but eventually – the criminal gang leaders find out and they see Zoe (the daughter) as an opportunity to get back at Lopez.

What follows is a Taken-esque movie, as Lopez and the FBI work together to find and retrieve Zoe. However, that ultimately ends up being a relatively simple task. The majority of this movie is spent on the emotional connection between Zoe and her biological mother. Lopez bonds with her daughter, teaching her how to survive and preparing her for a final showdown that everybody knows is coming. It’s like Taken, if Neeson found his daughter in the first act and spent the rest of the movie getting to know her.

The Mother (2023) Review

“The Mother” is trying to be two different movies – it’s trying to be an emotional drama about a mother craving the daughter that she can’t have, while also being an action thriller. The question is: does it manage to be either of the two successfully? Unfortunately, not really.

The action sequences in this movie feel extremely small-scale and low-stakes. This may have been an issue with the budget, but there seems to be a significant discrepancy between how characters describe a situation and how that situation plays out. One of the criminal henchman laughs and says they stand no chance of breaking into a compound, as every guard is there. However, it ultimately ends up being an extremely simple task – requiring just a few sniper bullets. None of the action here seems particularly inspired. Equally, there’s no real tension to the action – the bad guys have many opportunities to win, but never seem to take them. This would be acceptable if the movie was taking itself less seriously, but it tends to play things very straight. There are some solid vehicle sequences, which are fun to watch.

As for the drama, there’s nothing here that we haven’t seen before. Lopez gives an interesting performance as the pining mother. Lucy Paez (Zoe) has a rough time, though it doesn’t feel like the script has set her up for success. The plot feels ridiculous and despite a nearly two hour runtime, it rushes through the emotional stakes. Characters go from pulling guns on each other to hugging it out in the matter of minutes. It’s all a bit silly!

Who should watch this movie?

This movie is available to stream on Netflix now. It’s an inoffensive thriller that will help you kill two hours, but it’s not much more than that. If you’re looking for a spy thriller to keep you entertained, and you’re not too bothered by quality, you’ll probably have a better time with Apple TV’s Ghosted than this – but we’re really scraping the barrel here.

This was a review for the 2023 movie “The Mother”. Did this movie have you yelling “Mother” at Lopez, or did it leave you crying for your own mother? Let us know in the comments below.

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