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Where was Beautiful Disaster filmed?

Beautiful Disaster is a 2023 movie following the romance between Abby and Travis, but where was it filmed?

Where was Beautiful Disaster filmed?

The movie is a classic, cheesy romcom set in a United States college. Some parts of the movie, however, seem to take place in Las Vegas. Despite being explicitly set in the United States, however, the movie was actually filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria. Filming was done on-location and took place in 2021.

The production was met with some criticism due to the racist and fatphobic views expressed by author Jamie McGuire on social media.

Beautiful Disaster Review

Beautiful Disaster is exactly what it sets out to be. The film isn’t high-art, but it’s a very run, cheesy romance movie. It’s almost like seeing a film adaptation of a bad Wattpad story, with all the entertainment of doing so. It’s up in the air as to how seriously the movie takes itself.

Check out our full review of Beautiful Disaster.

What other movies have been filmed in Sofia?

Bulgaria is a common location for filming, due to incentives provided by the government. The country also offers a huge variety of landscapes – both urban and rural, that provides a lot of versatility for filming. Some other movies which have been filmed here are Barbarian (2022), The Expendables 3 (2014) and After Ever Happy (2022).

The sequel to this movie, titled “Beautiful Wedding”, is reportedly in development. However, that movie is set to be filmed in the Dominican Republic, rather than in Bulgaria.

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