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Where was Evil Dead Rise filmed?

Despite being set in Los Angeles, all of Evil Dead Rise was actually filmed in New Zealand. Filming took place in Auckland in 2021, lasting for eight months.

Evil Dead Rise filming

“Evil Dead Rise” is a horror film directed by Lee Cronin and distributed by Warner Bros. It is the fifth instalment in the “Evil Dead” franchise, the second to not be directed by Sam Raimi. Principal photography started in Auckland on June 6th, 2021 and wrapped up on October 25th. Most Evil Dead movies take place in the woods, but this movie instead opted to move to the city.

The movie, primarily, takes place indoors with some outdoor shots to set the location. There is one sequence which takes place in the New Zealand countryside, which has a particularly bloody end.

Cronin placed an emphasis on the use of practical effects, with the movie using so much fake blood – they had to construct a “blood meth lab”. The use of these effects pays off, however, as the movie looks superb, with little distracting CGI.

Evil Dead Rise review

Now that you know where Evil Dead Rise was filmed, you may be wondering if it’s worth watching. Evil Dead Rise tells the story of a mother being possessed by a demon, leading to her attacking her children and estranged sister.

It’s a very strong horror movie, which is just as bloody as previous entries in the series. While it does take a step-back from the humour of the original trilogy, it pays homage in a lot of different ways.

Feel free to check out our full review for Evil Dead Rise and our rankings for the Evil Dead series.

What other movies were filmed in Auckland?

Evil Dead Rise isn’t the only horror movie to be filmed in Auckland. The 2013 entry to the series “Evil Dead” was also filmed near the city. The original trilogy of movies were filmed in the United States, with the original The Evil Dead being shot in Michigan. Evil Dead II was filmed in a studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. Army of Darkness was filmed in California, around Griffith Park. The TV series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” was also filmed in Auckland.

The 2023 horror “M3gan” was also filmed in Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand tends to be a very attractive place for film-makers. This is due to the diverse and beautiful landscapes, as well as the government providing a lot of incentives to film-makers in the form of subsidies. The most famous film shot in New Zealand is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which took advantage of the sprawling green hills and mountain ranges.

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