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Will The Flash (2023) earn a billion dollars?

Will The Flash (2023) be the biggest superhero movie of the year and earn a billion dollars at the box office, or will it be a huge flop?

A movie initially written off due to controversy and endless reshoots seems to have gained new legs. It seems that every big name in Hollywood who sees The Flash cannot help but sing its praises. Is the movie speeding to the billion dollar mark, or is it going to go down in flames like Shazam 2?

Why The Flash will earn a billion

The Flash movie has a lot of things going for it. The rave reviews from the likes of Tom Cruise and initial reactions at CinemaCon are just part of the pie.

The movie has a special treat for fans in Michael Keaton’s reprisal of his Batman role. This could evoke nostalgia similar to Spider-Man: No Way Home. The presence of both classic comic book movie fans and an older audience could result in a successful run. The support from Tom Cruise is a good indication of this being the case.

One of the main explanations given for the box office bomb of Shazam 2 was that audiences were aware that the DC cinematic universe was a dead duck. James Gunn has already announced his plans to reboot the universe and fans didn’t bother investing themselves in another story. This situation may benefit The Flash, as it’s supposed to be the catalyst for the new cinematic universe. If the prospects of the DC universe are a box office influence, The Flash could benefit.

Why there’s no chance it makes a billion

It feels very bold to predict that The Flash has any chance of earning a billion. Shazam 2 recently left cinemas with a pathetic $122 million worldwide. Even the presence of new big bad Kang wasn’t enough for Ant-Man 3 to hit $500 million worldwide. The Flash has some cards in its pocket, but it is fighting against some serious superhero fatigue. The elephant in the room here is the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Most seem to think this is going to perform well at the box office. That could indicate that the public aren’t tired of superhero films, they’re tired of bad ones.

Predicting the success of The Flash is challenging since the character has never had a solo film. Will audiences show up, especially when the summer season is already packed with familiar faces? Aquaman demonstrated that a character doesn’t need to be a household name to succeed, but this was in 2018, and the landscape has since changed for these films.

The Ezra Miller problem

A long time before this movie’s trailer dropped, there were questions about whether it would ever come out. One big part of this was the spree of crime helmed by this movie’s star – Ezra Miller. Miller has been involved in all sorts of alleged awful behaviours – including grooming, kidnapping and domestic violence. There is a significant amount of backlash against the studio’s decision to continue with this movie, with Ezra at the helm.

Some people theorize that DC is giving Keaton’s Batman a more prominent role in the movie’s trailers to divert attention from Miller’s scandals. They believe that DC intends to minimize media attention around Miller actively and distance themselves from the actor after the film’s release.

Will The Flash earn a billion dollars?

It seems unlikely, though far from impossible, that The Flash will earn a billion dollars. The movie looks set to have strong word of mouth and the nostalgia appeal. However, the controversy and current state of the superhero industry will stand in its way.

Does this movie need to earn a billion to be a success? The reported budget is around $300 million, making it one of the most expensive movies ever made. The box office convention would, therefore, mean we’d expect this movie to need $600 million to break even. That seems plausible. However, given the turmoil that this movie has been through – I think studio executives would be popping champagne at a small loss.

Do you think The Flash will earn a billion dollars? Or do you think the film is destined to go down as another Babylon? Let us know in the comments below.

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